Your Body Wellness

Strength For Living

Your Body Wellness was created with the express interest to help people build strength in their body to function effectively and efficiently for everyday living. Anna Marsh owner of Your Body Wellness believes that by developing strength in the body and allowing joints to move freely you are better placed to live healthier more vital lives in both mind and body. The discipline of caring for the body and developing appropriate strength and flexibility to muscles whilst allowing joints to be mobile has a flow on effect to the mind where humanly one can live life with greater awareness and experience greater vitality and energy for life.

Your Body Wellness focuses on developing bodily strength, flexibility, suppleness and stamina, as well as calmness of mind by offering both group classes and personal practices.

Group classes are designed to offer people a safe, supportive and nonjudgmental environment where they can gain greater awareness of their own body. With this emphasis on self-awareness, a deep sense of knowing what is beneficial for your own body is cultivated allowing you to feel good about your own practice and development. Personal practices are also offered for those who would like specific assistance in developing a specially designed practice that can be conducted in the home environment. Please see the website for further information about personal assessment and practice development.


Anna Marsh

Dip Yoga, Cert IV Pilates Matwork, Cert III Fitness,

BTh, Grad Dip Ed, Advanced Dip Arts.

Anna has had a twelve-year long association with the Yoga mat and developed a love of Yoga for its connection between body, breath and mind. Anna studied her Yoga Diploma at The Yoga Institute and is interested in Yoga that suits the individual guiding students into an intelligent practice of this ancient health system. Whilst practicing Pilates throughout her life, Anna more recently came to study Pilates through personal injury. Feeling the benefit in body and mind Anna has developed a passion for Pilates due to its rehabilitative nature and focus on intelligent movement and respect for the body. Anna lives in Arcadia with her husband and two children.