” I have been to all of Anna’s classes over the years she has been teaching. Every class is fantastic. Anna is an amazing teacher making sure everyone is working to their own level but at the same time challenging them to reach their potential. The classes are flowing, fun, and suited perfect to the description of each class. 10/10″

Libby 39yrs 


” Anna is not only a great teacher who really focuses on technique, she is a lovely person who really loves what she does. I have been attending Yoga and Pilates classes with Anna now for one year and really enjoy the variety as well as the pace of each class. The classes I attend vary in age and experience, however Anna is able to accommodate all levels within the one class. I have been doing yoga for many years and I’m so happy that I have finally found such a great teacher in my local area”

Michele 48 yrs


” I was completely new to Yoga and Pilates and Anna made the class so accessible for me. As a beginner, I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to keep up with the class, but he way Anna structures the class meant that I was able to do only what I felt comfortable with. After two terms I’m now comfortable trying the more advanced postures! I’s so happy with what I have learnt and I’m keen to keep learning more.”



“Before I was doing classes with Anna at Your Body Wellness, I was tired, overweight and my body regularly felt stiff and sore. I met Anna and decided to give her classes a try as she inspired me to get moving and get control of my life. What I liked was her classes were full of variety and personal. Nothing like regular gyms. With Anna’s guidance and a combination of Pilates and Bootybarre classes, I have have transformed my body, lost weight and feel strong and confident. I couldn’t have done it without Anna and her classes. I’m hooked for life!”



“Love Anna’s calsses. They make you feel better physically and emotionally. They make you younger.”

Pam 50yrs


“Anna is a wonderful coach, I feel great after each session. It is hard work but I am sorry that I didn’t start earlier.”



” I have been a net baller and basket baller all my life with ankle and knee issues – but am living the new found fluidity that Anna’s Pilates classes have given me.”

Sheryle  57yrs


” Anna offers wonderful classes that are always varied and challenging. Anna offers modifications to suit your own ability and level of fitness.” 

Kerrie 60+


“I continue to enjoy Anna’s Pilates classes. After attending each week I have felt the benefit of the challenging Pilates exercises, I have become more flexible in my hips and have developed more muscle tone and strength. Anna conducts her classes with humour and  precise technique allowing each exercise to be accessible without much previous experience. I also love the Galston Hall with the floor boards, aircon and the timing is perfect – After school drop off!”