Pilates Studio Sessions

Your Body Wellness also offers more personalised classes utilising Pilates studio equipment. The studio is located at Dural Squash Courts where the group classes are also held. Parking is always easy at Dural Squash courts and toilet and showering facilities are available.

The studio is equipped with the following pieces of traditional apparatus.


Trapeze Table

Wunda Chair

High Barrel

Pilates mats

Pilates balls, magic circles, and foam rollers.

Pilates Studio Sessions are tailored to your own specific requirements. The session run for 55minutes during which time a balanced session of various exercises will be performed to help reach desired goals.  The specialised equipment utilises springs and pulleys to either assist or resist movement promoting optimal movement quality, strength gains and improved flexibility.

Pilates is suitable for those rehabilitating from injury or illness right through to those wishing to improve their long term fitness goals or sporting performance. Anna is a caring and supportive teacher, who carefully designs your personal program effective to improve your overall movement quality, well-being and desired goals.

The Studio is open for bookings on Tuesday and Thursday mornings and Wednesday around midday. Please see the timetable page for precise times. If you would like to make a booking please call or email Anna on 0433878082 or yourbwinfo@gmail.com.


Initial Assessment 

Initial Assessment

A one to one initial assessment is required before entering studio sessions to assess your needs and inform your personal pilates program. The initial assessment lasts 55mins and will help determine your weaknesses and strengths during which time you are able to discuss your goals and any injuries or illness that will inform a purposeful program. You will be asked to perform certain movements and will also be introduced to the basic essentials of the Pilates method as well as the equipment in the studio. Initial assessments are booked with Anna via email, phone or in person.

Pilates Sessions

Pilates Sessions in the studio are offered either as a Semi Private, one pilates teacher to three clients (3:1) or as a Duo one Pilates teacher to two clients or a Private, one teacher to one client (1:1). Private.

A Semi private or Duo can be organised as a group of friends who want to practice together or with other clients wanting to practice pilates. You will be carefully taken through various exercises under the supportive approach of your teacher Anna. Private sessions are for those with acute injuries where the group setting is not appropriate or for those desiring more rapid results in technique and individual attention. Private session can also be beneficial for those first entering the studio who are a little unsure and want to learn under the care of  personalised  instruction. Prices are outlined below.

Pricing / How to Book


Initial Assessment (1:1)       $65
  Semi Private 3:1 Duo Private 2:1 Private 1:1
Casual $50 $50 $90
5 session pack (2 month expiry) $210($42 a session) $225($45 a session) $425($90 a session)
10 session pack (4 month expiry) $400($40 a session) $450($45 a session) $800($80 a session)
Packages of 5 have a 2-month expiry and packages of 10 have a 4-month expiration with no extension periods. All session are pre booked and prepaid, nontransferable and non-refundable. Cancellation policy: Full fee will be charged for less than 24 hours notice.

Terms and Conditions 

Booking Information / Terms and Conditions

  • All studio sessions must be pre booked and prepaid
  • All studio sessions must be preceded by an initial $65 personal Assessment
  • All studio sessions are 55 min in duration
  • All Studio sessions are non transferable and non refundable
  • During studio sessions please wear grip/socks
  • Please wear comfortable clothes, and bring water and a towel
  • Studio 5 packages are valid for 2 months and 10 month packages are valid for 4 months
  • Cancellation Policy for Studio sessions- A 24hr cancellation policy applies for studio sessions. Full fee will be charged for less than 24hrs notice.
  • Bookings can be made by calling 0433 878 082 or by email to yourbwinfo@gmail.com or text.

Please call Anna on 0433 878 082 or email on yourbwinfo@gmail.com to make a consultation.