Yoga at Your Body Wellness.

Yoga is an ancient health practice that originated in the Indus Valley more that 5000years ago. Over the years Yoga has taken on many and varied forms and has developed into to lives of modern day people all over the world. The word yoga does not only refer to the form of bodily activity it is known for in our modern age. The correct word used for our modern concept of what people commonly know yoga to be is called ‘asana’. Asana is simply a Sanskrit word used to describe various postures. At Your Body Wellness classes will largely concentrate on this part of what people generally understand yoga to be. Pranayama (the deliberate regulation of the breath), and mediation will also be practiced from time to time in classes at Your Body Wellness. Meditative practices aim to calm and focus the mind by body drawing upon the work of positive psychology where the mind is focused on specific qualities, values or habits of mind such as love, peace, gratitude, contentment, clarity, kindness, compassion, truth, honesty, cleanliness, or peace just to name a few.

Your Body Wellness asana practice draws from the Classical Period of Yogic history and uses the correct steps to carefully go into various postures as well as getting out of them. This technique is known as vinyasa karma. Vinyasa Krama are the intelligent steps to take someone into and out of a specific pose.

Your Body Wellness also draws heavily on the concept of viniyoga. Viniyoga is a concept particularly pertinent in today’s culture of group classes. Viniyoga can be understood as the correct application of yoga that is suitable to a given practitioner or group. The concept of viniyoga assumes and accepts that every individual will have different starting points and be motivated by differing desires and purposes which presumes a different practice.

Your Body Wellness yoga connects each breath with a body movement allowing a sense of flow from one pose to another purposefully connecting postures together in an intelligent sequence to gain self awareness, strength, flexibility and breath control in order to focus the mind.